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How to travel for free in four steps using the Amex Airline Fee Credit

Step 1: Apply for the Amex Platinum and/or Hilton Aspire

Apply for the Amex platinum or any other Amex product through the following link:

You first will need either the Amex Platinum, the Hilton Aspire, or both. The great thing about having both is that it equates to $450 airline fee credits every calendar year. This is due to the Platinum having a $200 airline fee credit and the Aspire having $250. Now, if you have multiple platinum cards, like the Morgan Stanley, or Charles Schwab variety, well you just added $200 for each of those as well. Please see this article for more information on the Amex Platinum benefits [].

Step 2: Enrolling in the Airline Fee Credit benefit

Before you begin, I want to warn that this only works for United Airlines. Ok, so you have the cards in hand and are ready to begin. Either on your preferred web browser or Amex App, tap on your card. Click the “benefits” tab. Scroll and find the “$200 Airline Fee Credit” on the platinum card or “$250 Airline Fee Credit” on the Hilton Aspire. Click on the enroll tab and select United Airlines (If you have chosen a different airline, do not worry! Open the chat feature and request the representative to change the Airline to United for you). You must do this for every platinum and Aspire card you have. This is the most important part, so please make sure you see the green check mark with United Airlines selected, like on the below images.

Step 3: Purchase United Airlines Travel Bank Cash

Before purchasing, make sure you have established an account with United Airlines. Then, click and sign in to the United Airlines Travel Bank portal, please see the following link for convenience: ( Choose the $100 option and enter your platinum card’s information, then click “purchase now.” Repeat again, you should have 2x $100 transactions reflected. For your Hilton Aspire, you should have 2x $100 transactions and 1x $50 transaction reflected.

Step 4: Profit

You have followed the three steps above and now it is time to plan your trip. If you did the three steps correctly, you should see the below image. It usually takes 3-5 business days for the credit to post.

To see your united travel bank balance, click on “view account” once you sign back into Your member number, miles balance, and travel bank credit balance will appear. Congrats, you now have scored credits to travel for free with United!    

Extra Information:

Amex may change how this works in the future, but this currently works as of October 2021. Apply for the Amex platinum or any other Amex product through the following link:

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